Sunday, November 18, 2012

Freaky Weather...

This weather for this time of year, here in Minnesoooota, is so weird!  Don't get me wrong...I'm not complaining by any means because our yard couldn't look better!  For the first time ever, we have everything cleared away for when that snowfall hits!  Yard is raked, toys are picked up, bikes are put away, etc!  So, since the weather was in the high 40's today....this is what I was up to!  Check out the fun rocker with the chair pad I rigged up from sewing the ends together of a fun, braided rug I tripped over at an estate sale!  And this cute Sellers table couldn't look more sweet with a better set of chairs...I just happened to be 'sitting on' within the back of the 'storage'....which, was my main objective for the garages are for parking in!?  What?  A two-stall garage is supposed to hold the two vehicles we possess and not seven dressers, three table sets, two hutches and numerous chairs, hutches, and end tables!?  Such sad news!  So as I can continue to reside here, I have successfully accomplished moving 20+ pieces of furniture so that the vehicles can safely park away from the future elements.  Geesh.

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