Monday, January 2, 2012


I've been busy working today on fun Valentines projects to bring into Annabella's Antique Mall!  Stay tuned and I will post pictures of the end results!  * New News:  Instead of just having a FaceBook page...I now have an actual "Friend" please be sure to search for Prairie River Primitives on FaceBook and befriend me to stay more current on what will be going on this new year!  The nice thing of being back in business is that people have hunted me down and let me know when they have really fun and cool things to sell, I've been buying up lots of great pieces I'm working keep watch!  I sell allot of ladders at my booths in Annabella's , so I wanted to quick post a fun photo of a 'ladder idea' for you all!  I'll try to be more creative this new year with ideas for your fun primitive/shabby finds!  Many blessings to you all in this next new year!